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Linking up with Jodi with a portrait of my children once a week for 2016.

2 52 Luke

Luke: this big boy of mine loved his new PJs, but it’s getting harder and harder to take a picture of him without too much goofing around! (Canon EOS 550D, 1/15 sec, ISO-3200).

2 52 Max

Max: all this gorgeous boy wants to do now is climb, and it makes my heart sing to see him so pleased and proud of himself! (Canon EOS 550D, 1/30 sec, ISO-1600).

2 thoughts on “2/52

  1. Beautiful photos, I love Lukes star Pjs, they are awesome! I have a little man who likes to goof around too, he moves so fast its hard to take a photo without blur!

  2. yikes! they are so grown up! and so adorable too!
    i am a bit scared of johan starting to climb. he’s just last week discovered that he can roll to actually get around and get into things and he’s totally unstoppable! has certainly changed everything around here!

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