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FO: Boy Vest

I made this vest back in November 2012 for a friend’s son who came to the same parent and child group via the Greenwich Steiner School.

SP 1 SP 5

I used this DROPS pattern, but then lengthened it and made the straps a bit longer.

SP 2I love the cables on this vest and have knitted it a few times for other people’s children and one for Luke as well and blogged about it here.

SP 6 SP 3 SP 4

I had also just gotten my new labels, hence why there are so many photos of it.

On that note, please excuse the terrible pictures, not sure what happened there.

3 thoughts on “FO: Boy Vest

  1. Such a lovely tank top, thanks Anna!! It was so handy (vest and long sleeve t-shirt and tank top on top and you know they are warmer) and he still wore it this winter. I miss the group, seems so long ago now and kids are few years older

  2. Super cute little vest! Ros

  3. sweet little vest!
    love the cables!

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