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FO: Pom Pom Hat

For now this is the final piece I made for my friends eldest daughter (although she’s just ordered a pair of booties for gifting). My friend picked this DROPS pattern, which was lovely to knit. It’s a great pattern that knits up really quickly, probably because of the 8mm needles it calls for.

EBA 46

My friends daughter picked the colours and I was a little unsure at first, but once I was knitting it and saw the full effect I actually loved them.

EBA 47

Now the pom pom was something else, it actually took longer to make than the hat and used up almost the same amount of yarn.

EBA 48

Initially it was HUGE, so I cut and trimmed it loads, but it still looks really big. And it’s quite heavy, but it looks absolutely great!

EBA 49

4 thoughts on “FO: Pom Pom Hat

  1. That is one impressive pompom! With stripes and everything- awesome! I’ve never made one but have always wanted to try. Looks great on the hat- I love the chevron stripes!

  2. I love the pompom! The patterning is amazing. 🙂 Apparently, huge pompoms are IN this winter. Have seen people walking around with huge ones on their hats that are almost as big as their heads!

  3. that is an epic pompom!!
    i love that it took as much yarn as the rest of the hat! 🙂
    it looks fantastic!

  4. Great pom pom!!! Love the colours! Happy New Year to you! Ros

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