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FO: Toddler Mittens

Yet another post about knitted items for my friend with two daughters, these mittens were made for her first daughter last year.

EBA 27

I LOVE this pattern, although I adjusted it and instead of using single thread DROPS Fabel I went with two threads of DROPS Alpaca.

EBA 28My friend picked the colour combo, but then I knitted them up with the turquoise and white for the rib and the same colour at the tip of the hand and the thumb, which give a really nice effect I think.

EBA 29And of course, I added an i-cord string to the mittens so that they can be put through the sleeves of the jacket, to make sure that they didn’t get lost.

EBA 30

I also made her a hat last year, which I posted about here.

EBA 31

3 thoughts on “FO: Toddler Mittens

  1. great color combo (as usual for you) !

    i bet they’re amazingly soft and warm if they’re made with alpaca! great mittens!!

  2. oh my gosh, those are SO cute! I love the effect of holding the two strands together, and they look great with that hat. What a fabulous mitten set!

  3. these are super adorable. i keep trying (and failing) to find a mitten solution that my son will actually leave on. i’ve thought about knitting a pair with a cuff soooooo long that he couldn’t pull it off. but your alpaca idea seems like an extra yummy addition! and of course the string- essential! love these.

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