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FO: Cable Socks for my Mum

It’s December, this year has raced past so fast, and next year is going to be very exciting! So, to close off the year I am going to refocus again on posting about all of my FOs…as regular readers know I have tried to do this before…but I am determined to do it this time!

Today’s FO are a pair of socks I made for my mum in November two years ago.

CG 21

It’s a lovely DROPS pattern that I’ve knitted twice now, once for my mum and once for my sister-in-law. It’s a great pattern to knit instead of the usual bog-standard socks, although they are warm and wonderful too.

CG 22

My mum loves them too and told me that they fit perfectly…and that’s always a bonus, a happy customer!

3 thoughts on “FO: Cable Socks for my Mum

  1. Gorgeous! Love the colour and the pattern! Ros

  2. what a delicate and lovely pattern! great job!!

    1. Thanks so much Melissa!

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