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FOs: Two Pairs of Booties

Friday I posted about the cardigan I made for my friends eldest daughter, since I’ve knitted a load of other things for her I will be posting them in the next few days.

Back in 2012 when my friend had her second girl she ordered two pairs of booties from me. First, my now favourite go-to bootie pattern: Saartjes Bootees.

EBA 8 EBA 9 EBA 10 EBA 11

And the other pair is my own pattern.

EBA 12 EBA 13 EBA 14

Two pairs of lovely booties I am sure you agree.

EBA 15

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FO Friday: Toddler Cardigan

A good friend of mine who regularly orders things for her girls, put in another order, this time for a cardigan for her eldest daughter in November of this year (on a side note we went to her daughters birthday party last weekend).

It’s a lovely pattern, and one I had to pick from the DROPS Children patterns rather than the DROPS Baby range.

EBA 50

EBA 54

The pattern is knitted with two strands of DROPS Alpaca, so it has a lovely soft quality. The two strands mean that it was a very quick knit, using a 4.5mm needle.

EBA 51

My friend picked the colour, which I absolutely love. It’s so nice and not typically girly, but looks so gorgeous when knitted up.

EBA 52 EBA 53

I used some buttons that I had in my stash, which I love too. They just add extra beauty to the cardigan.

EBA 55

And the shirring at the top is created by knitting the double strands in single strands, it creates a very pretty effect.

EBA 56

And here’s an FO appreciation photo of my friends daughter wearing her new cardigan, and another one of her and her sister, both of them wearing my creations.

EBA 57 EBA 58

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FOs: Hat and Bootie Combo

Friends of ours in Australia had their second child, a boy, earlier this year and as luck would have it we were able to bring them this gift themselves when we went to Australia in February this year.

DPA 10 DPA 11 DPA 12The pattern is the old favourite, Saartjes Bootees.

DPA 13 DPA 14 DPA 15

And the hat is another DROPS pattern.

DPA 16 DPA 17


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FOs: A Couple of Twin Dresses

A friend from the German group I used to take Luke to asked me to knit a couple of dresses for a friends twin girls. This gave me an opportunity to look for a new pattern.

I loved knitting this pattern, it was really easy to knit and really quick. I used double yarn of DROPS Safran, a cotton yarn. The pattern is really well written and easy to follow. While it called for other yarn, I found using this combination worked really well and it resulted in the right size of dress.

As the dresses were for twin girls I wanted to keep the colours similar, but with a little bit of a difference. I am a twin myself (I have a twin brother) and even though my mum never dressed us in the same clothes, I still think twins need to assert their individuality. And why shouldn’t that start when they are still toddlers?

IvR 17 IvR 18 IvR 19

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FO: Cable Hat

The third item I knitted for Luke’s teacher was this gorgeous cable hat.

EV 13

I used this pattern, and some DROPS Safran, which is a cotton yarn.

EV 14

I love how the top of the hat comes together like a beautiful crown, just gorgeous. Here are all the three things I gifted together.

EV 15 EV 16

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Weekend Bits

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FO: Baby Booties

You remember yesterday’s post? Today I am showing you yet another pair booties, this one also for Luke’s teacher’s little man.

EV 9

As he was a late Summer/early Autumn baby I knitted these in DROPS Muskat, a cotton yarn. Also, as I didn’t know he would be a he I picked a nice neutral yellow.

EV 10

And the buttons are from my stash, but once upon a time I bough them from TextileGarden. I know I’ve said it before, but they are my go-to place for buttons, as they have a fantastic range.

EV 11

You all know by now that this is the brilliant Saartjes Bootees pattern. Although I have changed it slightly, having knitted sooooo many pairs of them.

EV 12

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FO: Baby Cardigan

Luke’s first teacher, from his playgroup at Greenwich Steiner School had a little boy September 2013 and I knitted a few things for her earlier that same year, so over the next few days I’ll show them all to you. Firstly, here’s a cardigan for the little man, although I didn’t know it would be a boy at the time I was knitting, hence the choice of colour.

EV 1

EV 4

I love this pattern, it’s so delicate and especially when knitted with DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk, which is what I used here.

EV 2

EV 5

The lacy pattern is really easy to follow once I knitted it just once. And it just flies off the needles, especially in a 0-3 months size.

EV 3

I used some buttons from my stash, which I absolutely adore, they’re just so sweet. Another thing I love about this cardigan is the fact that it’s knitted in one, with hardly any seaming, always a plus!

EV 6 EV 7 EV 8