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FO: Flouncy Dress and Matching Socks

An old friend from school ordered a dress and matching socks from me last November and I used this DROPS pattern for both.

I’ve knitted this pattern once before for a friend in Australia, but this time I used DROPS Alpaca as it was meant for someone in our colder climates. I love the pattern, especially the skirt. You start with an insane amount of stitches, in the region of 400+, with this thin yarn it’s a mission. But then it turns into this amazing skirt, knitting it made me really happy.

CS 14 CS 18 CS 19

My friend picked the colours and I think they’re unusual, but really, really nice for a girl.

CS 16 CS 20

The orange top called for double moss stitch, which finishes the dress off really nicely.

CS 17 CS 21 CS 22

And then the little socks I knitted in the orange.

CS 23 CS 24 CS 25

I have to say I didn’t love this pattern, I just don’t think it looks very pretty. Maybe that’s because I am not entirely happy with how my knit stitches look against the purl…but I think I am just being harsh on myself.

CS 26



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  1. super cute!
    i love your color combination!

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