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FO: Baby Booties

You know I love this pattern, so it’s my go-to when I find out any of my friends or acquaintances are having a baby.

BC 1

My friend who received these is keeping the gender of the baby as a surprise, so I picked some neutral colours.

BC 2

I like how the colours match, it’s a sweet combination.

BC 3

My friend received them and loves them, in fact she just told me that she and her husband used them in a photo shoot yesterday, maybe I’ll get a picture of that later :-).

BC 4

And of course I sent them in a little box that I made, making them an extra special gift, don’t you think?

BC 5


3 thoughts on “FO: Baby Booties

  1. These are so lovely…I love the colours!

  2. oh you and your booties… i never tire of looking at them… you are a genius with the colors

  3. […] girl in December received some booties from me earlier in the year, see my blog post about them here. And my friend used them in her maternity photo shoot, and isn’t it just […]

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