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FO: Hat and Bootie Combo

I am in quite a fortunate position that I have over 50 FO’s to post about, but I just can’t decide which ones to go with first. So, I’ve decided to post them in alphabetical order (that is the alphabetical order of the recipients).

You’ll notice there will be lots of hat and bootie combo’s or just booties, but after all they’re the easiest and fastest things to knit as gifts. So, without further ado, here’s another combo for a friend from my mummy group in North London. She wasn’t actually a mummy back then, but just recently had the most gorgeous little girl.

AG-O 1 AG-O 2 AG-O 3

So I knitted this hat. And as I knew that she was having a girl I was able to pick some bright red and pink. And I made the ever quick Saartjes Bootees.

AG-O 7 AG-O 6 AG-O 5 AG-O 4

And my friend loves them. Her daughter is gorgeous and still too little for both, but I’ve been promised a picture when she is able to wear both the hat and the booties.

AG-O 8

2 thoughts on “FO: Hat and Bootie Combo

  1. oh i love pink and red together – this is a wonderful set!

  2. Love love love the colour of this set. So gorgeous. It’s almost winter here now ….. only a few more days to go till the 1st of June and although not as cold as England/London, we will surely need some warm hats here. Looking to do some more knitting soon I think.

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