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FO: Yet Another Hat and Bootie Combo

But this one I customised a little bit. It was for a friend of mine who just last week had a little girl. And because I knew they were having a girl I was able to add some nice little touches to it.

I went with Saartjes Bootees again, mainly because they are just soo quick. I knit them up in one evening only. But I added some sweet little daisies to the front.

And for the hat I also used my old favourite a DROPS pattern, but again, I added some daisies to it to make it into a little girly, Spring hat.

My friend loved them, so another happy customer!

AM 10

3 thoughts on “FO: Yet Another Hat and Bootie Combo

  1. That is so lovely ….. I love the daisy that you have embroidered on the booties and hat. I love the two tones on the hat.

  2. Such precious booties! Your embroidery is darling. Thank you for sharing… I’ve added them to my Ravelry library!

  3. the daisies are the perfect touch!

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