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FO: Neck Warmer

I’ve promised myself that I’m going to go through all my FO’s in the next few weeks/months and show them all off. There are quite a few… So, to kick this attempt off, here’s a neck warmer I knitted for my previous neighbour and good friend.

She actually asked me to make on for her as one of the children she looks after always had one and she liked the idea. She also picked the colour…and I LOVE it.

CA 6

As always it’s a DROPS pattern, and a lovely one at that. It calls for two threads of DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk, but I used DROPS Alpaca. I love the marbled effect the two shades of purple created.

CA 5

It’s embarrassing to say, but I actually knit this in January last year. I do remember it being quite a quick and easy knit and I know my friend loves it.

CA 4

As you can see I also added my label to it. It’s funny actually, I’ve just last week ordered new labels, that’s how busy I’ve been in the last year with finishing knitted pieces.

CA 3

I love the finished neck warmer, it looks really good. Interestingly, I recently read a blog post about blocking by Yarn Harlot, and it’s made me look again at some of my work from the last few years and it’s really making me wonder whether they would look even better if I’d blocked them. It’s definitely something that I’ll be doing from now on.

CA 2 CA 1

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  1. beautiful!
    and i love the color!

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