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FO Friday: Starry Hat

A good friend, who has two gorgeous girls, asked me to knit a hat and mittens for her eldest daughter. Her little girl decided that she wanted this hat.

My friend picked the colours for her daughter, and I love them! They work really, really well I think.

I’ve loved knitting this hat, and the intarsia for the stars, they look so gorgeous.

I used the DROPS Alpaca double stranded, which meant it was really soft, but also quite thick and warm I imagine.

And doesn’t my friend daughter look adorable in the hat?

EBA 32

Linking in with Tami’s Amis FO Friday.

2 thoughts on “FO Friday: Starry Hat

  1. adorable! both the model and the hat! a perfect combination!!

  2. […] I also made her a hat last year, which I posted about here. […]

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