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FO: Vest for One Cheeky Boy

Almost a year ago a good friend asked me to knit her son a vest. He is one of Luke’s good friend and I gifted him a vest on his first birthday, I blogged about it here. My friend loved it so much she wanted a new one as he’d outgrown the other.

It’s this DROPS pattern, and it’s one of the few that I am not a massive fan of. If it is made with just one colour it’s fine, but you basically have to knit the main vest and then pick up everywhere for the edges, which got very tedious. However, it turned out lovely I think.

KA 10

My friend picked the colour and I really love it. It’s so nice and vibrant and unusual at the same time. It’s also a great yarn, the DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk, which is 70% alpaca and 30% silk. Lovely and soft!

KA 12

Even though I love the yarn I am not 100% happy with how it knits up. I think it could be more even, but I think that’s because the yarn is actually very, very thin.

KA 13

The buttons are from my stash, bought from TextileGarden and just waiting for the right project.

KA 14

The vest was definitely well received and my friends son looks absolutely adorable in it!

KA 16 KA 15

2 thoughts on “FO: Vest for One Cheeky Boy

  1. what a gorgeous vest – and it looks very handsome on its new owner!
    i love love love that color! and alpaca/silk yarn?!?! yes, please!

  2. Oh that little vest looks adorable!! ROs

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