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FO Friday: Gloves for my Mum

I know, I know, it’s been too long. I promised myself with a new year I would be trying to post more, I guess it is only 10th of January, so I can still fulfil that promise! So, I will attempt to post about the mountains and mountains of FO’s I’ve finished in the last months, if not years.

So, without further ado, here are some gloves I knitted for my mum, I knitted the same pair for myself. In fact, I posted about them last year, check it out here.

CG 15

I love these gloves, and my mum does too. They’re really easy to knit, which surprised me as they’re gloves and not mittens. And they look really good too.

CG 16

I love that the cable pattern continues into each of the fingers, how great is that?

CG 17

And I love the cable pattern, which, in my opinion, looks very intricate. But let me tell you a secret, it really isn’t complicated!

CG 18

I do feel that I need to find a better way of sewing up at the end, I don’t like the way it looks at the moment.

CG 19

And another bonus, they are amazingly warm!

CG 20

3 thoughts on “FO Friday: Gloves for my Mum

  1. They are gorgeous. I love the pattern on top. I bet your mum loves them too. You have done such a nice job.

  2. they’re gorgeous anna!!

  3. Wow! Beautiful gloves. They look really warm. Ros

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