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Blogtoberfest Day 25: FO: Baby Blanket

My old neighbours and good friends had a gorgeous baby girl earlier in the year. I’ve been meaning to post about the collection of things I made for them, but somehow haven’t got round to them. I remembered now as they’re moving to South Africa next week, a day that I knew was coming, but have been trying not to think about. So, firstly I made them a baby blanket.

KT 17

I used DROPS Paris yarn for this and because they knew they were having a girl I decided on this pink and green combo.

KT 18

I think the green works really well with the pink. I decided on a simple four purl and four knit stitches and then changing it after four rows.

KT 20

And I think my friends liked it for their gorgeous little girl Skyla.

KT 21

I just can’t believe they are going to be back home to South Africa, even though the last few years I’ve only seen them occasionally, the fact that they were just down the road made it much easier.

KT 22

2 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest Day 25: FO: Baby Blanket

  1. absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. WOW! The blanket is really lovely. I agree, the colours work really well together. Ros

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