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Blogtoberfest Day Ten: FO: Bonnet and Bootie Combo

Sorry for missing a post yesterday, I had an early night and feel much better for it.

An ex-colleague of mine is due to have a little girl any day now and when I found out about it earlier this year I thought I’d knit her a little hat and bootie combo. I was excited because I knew she was going to have a girl and as I’d just been knitting some flowers (more on that later) I really wanted to add some crochet or knitted flowers to the two items. So, without further ado, here are some pictures.MS 1So, I knitted her the DROPS bonnet that you’ve probably seen on my blog before. The pattern can be found here. And as you can see I added my own little crochet flowers.

MS 2The flowers are just little crochet ones I made up, going around a ring…very easy and very quick.

MS 3

I love this bonnet, and the effect the simple lace has on the finished item…it’s just too cute.

MS 4

I also made another pair of Saartje’s Bootees for my friend and adorned them with some more of the crochet flowers.

MS 5MS 6MS 7MS 8MS 9

Overall, I am very pleased with the finished pieces and my friend was too.

MS 10

2 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest Day Ten: FO: Bonnet and Bootie Combo

  1. Oh Anna, these are gorgeous. I love the flowers. very very cute. You come up with such nice things.

  2. oh golly are these ever adorable! they’re absolutely perfect! wonderful work anna!

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