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FO: Matching Booties

To go with the hat I posted about on Friday, here are the matching booties.

KJ 11

This is the Saartjes Bootees pattern on Raverly and I love them, maybe even more than my own pattern (wow, there’s an admission). They just look so adorable, whether for a boy or for a girl. And they are just incredibly fast to knit. I can turn them around in a couple of hours.

KJ 15My friends husband who also took the other pictures sent me these really professional looking ones…aren’t they amazing? They make me want to try and take better pictures of my knitting in future. But I might have to fiddle around with our camera first. Anyway, without any further ado, here are some more pictures.

KJ 13 KJ 12 KJ 9 KJ 7 KJ 6 KJ 5 KJ 4 KJ 3

And here a final picture of the hat and booties together.

KJ 8


4 thoughts on “FO: Matching Booties

  1. so so sweet and i love those buttons!!

  2. They are just goregous …. I love them. The buttons are just perfect.

  3. oi Anna será que vc pode mandar a receita desse sapatinho,,, eu amei é lindo,,, eu te add no site Ravelry beijusss
    meu e-mail [email protected]

  4. por favor me aceite de amiga no site Ravelry

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