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FO: Gorgeous Baby Boy in a Stripy Hat

A friend who I used to work with back in my PR days has recently had a baby boy. She lives in Australia and when I found out that her little munchkin had arrived I thought, perfect, it’s coming up to Winter Down Under and I can knit him something.

So, I decided on the easy beanie that I’ve knitted a few times already.

KJ 1I decided to go for a boyish blue and green combo and I really love the end result. The other thing I love about this hat is how very quickly it knits up. It uses DROPS Muskat, which is quite a nice, thick cotton yarn.

KJ 2My friends husband, who is an incredibly talented photographer, was kind enough to take some great pictures of their little boy in the hat. And isn’t he just adorable?

KJ 20 KJ 19 KJ 18 KJ 17 KJ 16

4 thoughts on “FO: Gorgeous Baby Boy in a Stripy Hat

  1. Oh Anna, I love the hat, so nice. Good idea with sending the hat, we have lots of cold weather here at the moment. I live in Adelaide.

  2. This is totally adorable. I love the completely different colour usage. It looks great! ROs

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  4. the hat is gorgeous – love the color combo!
    and you didn’t disappoint – your headline promised a gorgeous baby and oh were you ever right!!

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