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FO: A Crown for a Little King

Right folks, let’s try and get some FO pictures up here. In February/March when I was still teaching my craft group we made crowns. I decided to make one for my friends son who had a birthday coming up.

IMG_2453I decided to go with a simple red piece of felt and add some pre-cut animals onto it. And then I was able to find some nice buttons to add on the top of the crown. And Luke was friendly (or not) enough to model it for me.


3 thoughts on “FO: A Crown for a Little King

  1. I love the little crown! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog with a sewing machine recommendation! I will definitely Google and check them out. 🙂

  2. love it!
    and that last photo is the best! “the king is not pleased… not one whit…”

  3. Kids can be quite uncoperative when they want to be. At least he stood there and modelled for you, even i he didn’t smile. What a great idea.

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