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FO: Baby Blanket (Lost in the Mail :-()

Friends of ours who had moved back to Australia had a little darling girl in March. And since I knew that they were expecting back in September I started knitting a baby blanket for them.

N+FS 1Because they live in Australia I decided on cotton and I chose DROPS Muskat, which has a lovely shine to it. They didn’t know that they were having a girl, so I decided on a bright and colourful blanket. N+FS 2I had even  more colours to pick from, but I’m actually really pleased with the end result, the colours just work really well together. N+FS 3As you can see I stuck to a straightforward garter stitch, which made this blanket a relatively easy and quick knit, although I did take my time as I had some Christmas knitting to do in between starting and finishing it. N+FS 6And of course I added my lovely logo that I ordered from a lady in France. N+FS 7Here’s the finished blanket that I sent on its way once I heard that my friends daughter had been born. However, not having heard anything I recently checked with my friend and it turns out that they had moved and even though they had a redirection from their previous address any parcels they were expecting didn’t make it to their new place.

So, it looks like this rather lovely blanket has been lost :-(.

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FO: A Crown for a Little King

Right folks, let’s try and get some FO pictures up here. In February/March when I was still teaching my craft group we made crowns. I decided to make one for my friends son who had a birthday coming up.

IMG_2453I decided to go with a simple red piece of felt and add some pre-cut animals onto it. And then I was able to find some nice buttons to add on the top of the crown. And Luke was friendly (or not) enough to model it for me.


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FO: Baby Hat and Gorgeous Baby Pictures

This is the fourth and final part of my series of posts of the things I knitted for my good friend from school. She had a little boy in Germany in February and she’s since moved back to Tanzania where her husband is from. I wasn’t sure if she would need warm jumpers, socks, hats, etc. But my friend assured me that it was needed.

So, I knitted a little stripy bonnet. And yes, I know I’m going to be predictable here, but it is another DROPS pattern.

BB 4I used some DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk that I had left over in my stash, and it’s lovely and soft. Makes such a little hat even more special.

BB 5As you know I’ve knitted this a few times, but I never get tired of it. It’s easy and straighforward, and knits up very quickly.

BB 6And here’s a final look at all of the items I knitted.

BB 16And my friend just shared with me all these gorgeous pictures of her handsome little boy.

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