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FO: Baby Socks

My second post in the series of items I knitted for my good friend from school. These are just a very quick pair of socks.

BB 1I was able to use some more of my stash and red is always a good colour, no matter whether it’s a boy or a girl!

BB 2I love knitting baby socks because they knit up so quickly and are so easy. I’m often able to finish a pair in an evening or so.

BB 3

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FO: Baby Cardigan

Over the next four days I’m going to try and post a few items that I made for a very good friend of mine, who I’ve known since primary school. She had a little boy earlier this year and I was only too happy to knit her a little outfit.

BB 11

First off, I knitted this little cardigan, which is a great DROPS pattern. I thought I’d be able to use up some of my stash for this and I kind of did, but it turned out that I didn’t have enough of one of the greens, so I just used another one and I actually think it makes it look really quirky.

BB 14I actually love how it looks, it’s very different to what anyone else would have done I think.

BB 13The arm shaping was a little bit odd, and I wasn’t sure it would work out, but that’s mainly because you fold over the end of the sleeve so it actually looks fine when it’s on I’m sure.

BB 12I had some nice leaf buttons in my stash that were just the right ones to add to the cardigan.

BB 15


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FO: Christmas Socks for my Sister-in-Law

I know, I know the title of the post is in the wrong season, right? But, let me explain. These socks are another FO I actually finished right in time for Christmas.

They’re a pair of purple socks, and I followed this pattern.

LG 1I love this pattern, it just adds that extra little bit to what could be really boring socks.

LG 2I actually made the same pair of socks for my mum for Christmas. I’m quite pleased with the result and I love the colour, and my sister-in-law told me that she did too.

LG 3And the cable just looks so pretty on the back…don’t you think?

LG 4

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FO: Pixie Hat (with adorable baby boy)

Late last year I made a couple of things for a friend from school, as she had a baby boy. I should have posted about it before now, but never mind. My friend took some pictures of her little boy wearing the hat and the booties (post to follow later), so I now have even more of a reason to post about both of them.

CS 1It’s the DROPS pattern that I also knitted for Luke last year, you can see my blog post about it here.

I used some leftover yarn that I had in my stash, and as at the time of knitting I didn’t yet know whether it was going to be a boy or girl I picked this neutral colour.

CS 2It was really easy and quick to knit and I’m really pleased with the finished item. And the ‘pixieness’ of the hat is just adorable.

CS 3

And now, would you just look at this adorable little boy in the hat…he’s just too precious for words. I also love that rug, it’s so cool!

CS 8CS 9CS 10

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Check me out on Craft Candy

Recently I feel like I’ve been finding excuses for not being able to blog, but to be honest I’ve just been really, really busy. There’s been so much going on that I’m not entirely sure where to start, but here it goes. One thing I’ve been working on is a guest blog post and it has been published this last week:

Craft Candy.

Let me know what you think!