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FO: Amended Debbie Bliss Coat

Now here’s something that I made nearly a year ago, and something that actually took me quite a while. It was for a friend from Australia, she ordered it for her little girl. It’s the Debbie Bliss hooded coat that I made for Luke in green. I also made another version in the same colour for another friend. However, this version was in what was meant to be a plum/purple, but the colour on the website versus what I got was a bit different, it turned out to be more of a maroon colour.

AA 1I actually finished this last Summer during the Olympics when I was staying with my mum. And I was able to photograph it there on a gorgeous piece of a clover meadow.

AA 2So, because my friend wanted a bigger size than is actually available in Debbie Bliss’ book I had to make some adjustments. To be honest, this is the first time that I’ve really done this and I probably went way too big with my adjustments. And I kept thinking this when I was making the hoodie. But better too big than to small, right?

AA 3I added some lovely flower buttons that I had in my stash and the colour matches the hoodie perfectly.

AA 4This pattern is a very easy pattern, but it’s probably one of the more boring patterns I’ve knitted as it’s just rows and rows of garter stitch.

AA 5AA 6AA 7And yes, the coat is still very big, but my friend’s little girl will definitely grow into it! And I still think it looks quite cute!

AA 11

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FO: Gloves for Me

I swear even though I’ve not been blogging, I’ve been really, really busy knitting! I can promise that I can keep you busy with FO posts for at least a month. So, the first one finished project I want to start with is a pair of gloves for myself.

You might rememeber I knitted some gloves for a friend who I did a swap with, I blogged about it here. Because I loved the gloves, I decided to make myself a pair.

Purple gloves...I knit them in the DROPS Merino Extra Fine blue, I did try to get hold of the purple, but was unable to. But it does actually match my purple Winter coat. And oh boy, did I need these this cold Winter. It’s been way too long and cold, although there’s finally some light at the end of the tunnel, or rather some sun!

IMG_1665I love the cable detail on these gloves and especially the fact that each individual finger still has the cabling on it.

IMG_1666The gloves really are great, they’ve kept me toasty warm. And I made the same pair for my mum, in a different colour, but I will make sure to post about them another day!