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FO: Twin Waistcoats

Late last year an old work colleague of mine asked me to knit a pair of matching grandfather waistcoats for her adorable twin boys. I used one of my favourite patterns for boys from the team at DROPS. I’ve knitted this pattern a few times, for Luke, my nephew and for a few other people. It always looks adorable when little boys wear it and it is a great, easy and quick knit.

My friend picked the grey, which works really well and I decided to use similar buttons, they just had a different tint to them, one set yellow and the other set green. And look at the gorgeous boys in their waistcoats, and aren’t they just so very handsome!

Two adorable boys in two lovely waistcoats!

5 thoughts on “FO: Twin Waistcoats

  1. oh good grief! those boys in their vests are just the cutest things i’ve seen all day long!
    love it!!

  2. The vests are gorgeous Anna …. and the little men wearing them are equally gorgeous and cute. I am a twin and we used to always be dressed in pink and blue ….. love seeing twins.

  3. They’re gorgeous!

  4. Oh my gosh – they are just too cute! Both the vests and the twins – you know I have a soft spot for twin boys đŸ˜‰

  5. The vests look so cute on the boys!

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