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2012 in Review: July – September

The third instalment of 2012 in review. As it was the summer I didn’t post as muchd as earlier or later in the year, it’s odd really, I did the same thing in 2011. I guess I’m busier and enjoying the sunshine!

FO: Cable Coat

FO: Matching Bonnet

FO: Girly Cable Cardigan

FO: Baby Socks

FO: Huge Wedding Blanket

FO: Pink Lacy Bolero

2 thoughts on “2012 in Review: July – September

  1. oh i fondly remember that bonnet/jacket combo! and the blanket!
    you do such gorgeous work ms. anna!

  2. All of these knits are absolutely beautiful! Looks like you had a very good year in knitting.

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