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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 5th November

Look what Mama made for me!

Tuesday, 6th November

Forest School wasn’t on so we went to the forest instead.

Wednesday, 7th November

People busy at my craft group.

Thursday, 8th November


Friday, 9th November

Receiving our swap parcel from Germany, more to come in a separate post.

Saturday, 10th November

Shenanigans on the Tube with Papa.

Sunday, 11th November

Some finished table lanterns, they just need oil on them.

3 thoughts on “Seven Little Moments

  1. Beautiful pics! You’ve been busy. Love the new little jumper. he looks so proud that his mama made it just for him! Gorgeous! Ros

  2. Love the photo of Luke with the blue jumper on …. one of your creations I am guessing. Love the beautiful smile.

  3. okay, that top photo takes the prize for cutest thing i’ve seen all day!
    your son is such a joy.

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