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Blogtoberfest #30 Swap: What I Sent

Recently a Ravelry friend of mine from Germany, funnily she’s also called Anna, suggested a swap to me. She was in need of some gloves and wanted to knit me a hat and Luke some mittens in return. I decided on this pattern from DROPS.

I wanted something that would be warm, but would also be quite chic and I just loved the look of the cable on the top of the gloves. It looks very, very intricate. And I have to be honest, I LOVED knitting them.

The yarn was DROPS Merino Extra Fine, which is just so amazingly soft and because it is quite thick it knits up really quickly. I think one glove took me about 3 hours or so, which is pretty good for gloves.

I picked the colour as Anna told me she had a purple winter coat and I thought this would probably go quite well with purple.

And don’t they look amazing on? I’m actually going to be knitting a pair for my mum for Christmas. I also hope to knit myself a pair, that is if I get the time to do so. I’ve got a very long queue of projects that I need to finish first.

And so last week I posted off the parcel to Germany. But not before Luke tried to get his hands on the goodies.



3 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest #30 Swap: What I Sent

  1. The gloves are beautiful! I love the way the cables twist upwards to each finger.

  2. oh anna – i don’t think there are enough words to describe how amazing these gloves are!
    you are an amazing knitter – all those cables up each and every finger!?!?! stunning. beautiful. gorgeous…

  3. Lucky me 😀
    Thanks again, dear Anna. I love the gloves, too, but there was no occasion to wear them yet. It’s not that cold here and this year I try to bike to university as long as possible.

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