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Blogtoberfest #22 Seven Little Moments

Monday, 15th October
Luke and Stella riding along.

Tuesday, 16th October
Beautiful Greenwich Park and autumnal views.

Wednesday, 17th October
Our favourite coffee shop in Charlton Park.

Thursday, 18th October
Cool graffiti on a lovely red British post box.

Friday, 19th October
The kids enjoying our new venue for Tots + Toast.

Saturday, 20th October
Visit to Borough Market.

Sunday, 21st October
Excited about the box for my swap partner.

Inspired by Just Shell.

2 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest #22 Seven Little Moments

  1. I hope he looks like that when he sees your package 🙂
    SO looking forward! Sorry, I don’t have a boxfor your package right now 🙁 I keep trying!

  2. oh my – your market is just a feast for the eyes! i’m so glad you posted more than one photo!

    and i love that last photo of luke, he cracks me up!

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