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Blogtoberfest #18 Review Friday: TROFAST

Something a little different this week, an Ikea product that is meant to be for a kids room, but I don’t think it absolutely needs to be. It’s the TROFAST shelf series. We bought two sets of these when we still lived at our old place when Luke was about seven months old.

Most people know my love of Ikea, our house is practically an Ikea showroom :-), and this is yet another great example of the genius of Ikea products. This is an amazingly effective storage solution for a childs room. The fact that you can customise the shelf with the different coloured drawers is just brilliant. We decided to pick a range of colours, the only one we didn’t add was blue. And we also added a couple of shelfs so that we’re able to put Luke’s books up there.

And it also really brightens up the room with the different coloured drawers. At our last trip to Ikea we also finally bought some lids for the drawers, so that they don’t gather as much dust.

I don’t have anything negative to say about these shelves, which can only be a good sign, right?

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  1. hey! lily has a trofast unit in her bedroom! what a small world when we all have ikea 🙂
    i love the bins with the lids, perfect for hiding away her “treasures.”

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