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Blogtoberfest #15 FO: Etsy Order: Jumpsuit

I knitted this jumpsuit after it was requested by the lady that also ordered the vest I posted about recently. I wasn’t sure about it initially as I’ve not knitted it before, and I have to be honest. It’s the first pattern where knitting it felt a bit tedious.

This is the first time that I’ve really knitted intarsia and I can’t say I love it. It just takes too long for my liking. I think it wasn’t helped by the fact that I was knitting with DROPS Baby AlpacaSilk, which is very thin indeed.

However, I do like the effect of it on the finished item. I think it looks really, really nice. I think I’ll probably be the only one that notices that I’ve made a couple of mistakes, I hope nobody else notices :-).

And the buttons are a purchase from last Saturday at the Knitting and Stitching Show (I will do my final report and a post on what I’ve bought in the next few days.) I picked them particularly for this jumpsuit and love how they finish off the item.

6 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest #15 FO: Etsy Order: Jumpsuit

  1. this did turn out really cute…I am sure it was a bit tedious as you have to be very careful with intarsia….I have several baby sweaters with animals and little ships for boys sweaters….you really have to mindful and can’t do anything else or you really mess up and have to begin again….hopefully the customer will LOVE it and make it worth all the hard work you did….Kathy

  2. I think it’s gorgeous! Can imagine the plain bits were a bit boring after a while, though. 🙂

  3. oh good gracious anna! this is completely amazing!! i absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Alpine chic darling, I rather like this!

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