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Blogtoberfest #13 FO: Baby Blanket

I knitted this blanket for a good friend in Australia. You might remember I knitted her two similar versions a couple of years ago. Both of them have now found good homes, one with her niece and the other awaiting the arrival of another niece or nephew of hers.

My friend also picked the colours, and even though initially I had thought that it might not be so nice for baby blankets. But I actually think it works really well.

And my friend also wanted me to knit the same pattern I did back then, which I did. Although I think I might have got the stitch count wrong as this one seems more more a square than a rectangle.

It doesn’t matter though, because my friend really loves it.


1 thought on “Blogtoberfest #13 FO: Baby Blanket

  1. fantastic!
    i can totally picture a baby rolling around on it!

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