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Blogtoberfest #11 Seven Little Moments

Monday, 8th October

Luke and his new love Stella leaving German Group (Kleine Piraten).

Tuesday, 9th October

Autum really is here.

Wednesday, 10th October

Our fruit for the week, trying to keep our diet high in vitamin C.

Thursday, 11th October

Greenwich Park in the autumn.

Friday, 12th October

We’re ready for Winter, Luke’s long johns, tights and woollen tops have arrived, ordered from Bio-BabyWelt.

Saturday, 13th October

Luke’s not too happy about being at The Knitting and Stitching Show.

Sunday, 14th October

Luke’s love of slides goes as far as going down these for kids much, much older than him.


Inspired by Just Shell.

1 thought on “Blogtoberfest #11 Seven Little Moments

  1. oh i love these little glimpses into your week!
    that slide looks so tall! luke is quite brave!

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