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Blogtoberfest #6: FO: Etsy Order – Vest

I got an order via Etsy the other week for two items, the tried and tested vest and a jumpsuit, which I’m currently still knitting. Lots of people seem to be really interested in the vest, which is great, as it’s a really quick knit.

It’s funny because this is the exact same one that I knitted for Luke last year and he still wears it loads. In fact, he’s been wearing it the last week as we had pretty cold weather.

I love how the cable worked out (especially after I only tried them last year), now I love knitting them.

I also love the garter stitch on the back, as it seems quite unusual. Normally I would go for a stockinette stitch, but because of the cables on the front, the back needs to be in garter stitch. I actually think it looks really good.

And I added some gorgeous buttons that I ordered from Textile Garden, I think they’re really cute, they would work even better if the vest was green, don’t you think. So, it just remains for me to finish knitting the jumpsuit, then I can post it and hope that the person who ordered it loves them both!