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Blogtoberfest #5 This is Where I Get my Yarn

I’ve got three online yarn shops that I always come back to, mainly because they carry my favourite yarn: DROPS. The first one, which I’ve written about before is: It is run by a husband and wife team from their home and they provide the most amazing customer service, always friendly, always trying to help. They can be found on Facebook too.

The second on is the Crochet Chain, which also carries the DROPS range. This one is actually a shop in Waltham Abbey in North London. These guys are also really, really helpful and have been really friendly when I’ve had to call them. I would highly recommend them!

The final and third one is the Wool Shed, which also carries the DROPS range. I had to order some yarn from them when I was in Germany and they went out of their way to ensure that I received it on time. Fantastic service, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. this is like a “behind the scenes” “where the magic happens” post! 🙂

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