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Blogtoberfest 2012 #1

I’m a little bit delayed with this I know, but I can still catch up I think!

I’ve had my mother come for a visit the last week, so I guess that gives me a good enough reason not to have time to post. I have been busy taking her out (when the weather allowed it) and we spent a couple of days cleaning up our garden. We removed a huge amount of this climbing plant that’s attacked our garden from over the fence, which is actually from the backyard of a church. The garden already looks so much lighter and bigger it’s amazing. I’ll be sure to take some pictures when the weather allows and show them to you here.

We’ve had a few emotional weeks over here as well and are just getting back to normal now, so there’ll be a lot of knitting going on here and relaxing.

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  1. Hello! A fellow Blogtoberfest participant stopping by for a visit…LOVE your knitted goods! The pink bolero was gorgeous and I commend you for finishing it a mere hour before the wedding event!! I can see i will have to peek back for some knitting inspiration =-)
    Happy Blogtoberfest!

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