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Blogtoberfest #30 Swap: What I Sent

Recently a Ravelry friend of mine from Germany, funnily she’s also called Anna, suggested a swap to me. She was in need of some gloves and wanted to knit me a hat and Luke some mittens in return. I decided on this pattern from DROPS.

I wanted something that would be warm, but would also be quite chic and I just loved the look of the cable on the top of the gloves. It looks very, very intricate. And I have to be honest, I LOVED knitting them.

The yarn was DROPS Merino Extra Fine, which is just so amazingly soft and because it is quite thick it knits up really quickly. I think one glove took me about 3 hours or so, which is pretty good for gloves.

I picked the colour as Anna told me she had a purple winter coat and I thought this would probably go quite well with purple.

And don’t they look amazing on? I’m actually going to be knitting a pair for my mum for Christmas. I also hope to knit myself a pair, that is if I get the time to do so. I’ve got a very long queue of projects that I need to finish first.

And so last week I posted off the parcel to Germany. But not before Luke tried to get his hands on the goodies.



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Blogtoberfest #29 Seven Little Moments

Monday, 22nd October

Our spider friend outside the living room window.

Tuesday, 23rd October

Spot the Luke in the fog and another gorgeous dewy spidersweb.

Wednesday, 24th October

Mud fun…during…and after!

Thursday, 25th October

Autumnal colours.

Friday, 26th October

‘Ordering’ lunch with Erin and Isla.

Saturday, 27th October

Found this picture on our PC, such a nice one I think.

Sunday, 28th October

Time for some knitting.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Blogtoberfest #24 First Craft Group

I taught my first craft group class today. I didn’t think that anyone would show up, but in fact two people came along. I do think there will be more people, especially as they only announced that the group was starting last week Friday. The ladies that did come had a lovely time and we managed to sew up a few pumpkins. So without further ado here are some pictures from the crafting.

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Blogtoberfest #23 FO: Fancy Dress

I made this little dress for my friend’s little girls first birthday, you might remember seeing her in the cable coat recently. It’s the Drops pattern that I also used when I made this for the little girl of an old client of mine.

I love this pattern, I was a little worried about the lace-like pattern of the skirt initially as it seemed like it might be really difficult and I’d have to pay real attention to it. However, that wasn’t the case, it actually flew off the needles.

The lace-like pattern at the top was also really easy to knit and I finished it surprisingly quickly.

I love the wrap over style of the dress, I bet it’s really handy to put on as it probably slides over the head just like that.

I do like the colour, but when I ordered it initially I thought it would be a bit darker, but I think it actually looks really nice.

And I added the crochet flower at the end, it just adds that little bit extra.

I am still hoping to get a picture of Sophia wearing it, as I’m sure she’ll look gorgeous in it.

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Blogtoberfest #22 Seven Little Moments

Monday, 15th October
Luke and Stella riding along.

Tuesday, 16th October
Beautiful Greenwich Park and autumnal views.

Wednesday, 17th October
Our favourite coffee shop in Charlton Park.

Thursday, 18th October
Cool graffiti on a lovely red British post box.

Friday, 19th October
The kids enjoying our new venue for Tots + Toast.

Saturday, 20th October
Visit to Borough Market.

Sunday, 21st October
Excited about the box for my swap partner.

Inspired by Just Shell.