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Gorgeous Sophia in the Cable Coat

Remember the cable coat? Before Luke and I jet off on our holiday, we’re going to Germany tomorrow morning and come back 13th August, I thought I’d leave you with a picture of gorgeous Sophia in the cable coat.

6 thoughts on “Gorgeous Sophia in the Cable Coat

  1. If you haven’t gone already, have a great holiday! 😀

    The coat looks gorgeous, too!

  2. That coat is soooo gorgeous and she just looks adorable in it. Beautiful. Have a wonderful time on your holiday ….. enjoy !!

  3. Awww, gorgeous 🙂 Have a good holiday!

  4. oh it looks perfect on her!

    have a wonderful trip!!

  5. wow! both sophia AND coat are absolutely gorgeous! what a wonderful pattern and what a sweet girl!
    hope you had an absolutely wonderful time in Germany. where did you go?

  6. […] in 2012 my friend Heidy ordered one cable coat for her little girl Sophia, doesn’t she look adorable in it? Well, Heidy liked it so much she ordered another one in navy blue with a matching […]

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