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FO: Cable Coat

Remember I posted about the red cable coat earlier this month? Well, my friend Heidy liked it so much she asked me to knit one for her daughter Sophia. So, I managed to do just that a couple of weeks ago. For this one I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking. (Also, because I just spent 20 odd minutes writing up the post and it didn’t save for some reason).

5 thoughts on “FO: Cable Coat

  1. Anna this sweater is just sooooo gorgeous…….I bet the person who receives it will just love it….keep up the great work…Kathy

  2. I love this coat so much, it’s beautiful …. everything about it is so nice, the cable, the round yoke, the buttons. Your finish is so good. Another lovely creation Anna.

  3. It is simply gorgeous. I love that pattern and will definitely be making one for Rose in the autumn. 😀 The colour is lovely too, and makes a change for a girl.

  4. So cute!! I love those little heart shaped buttons 🙂

  5. absolutely gorgeous!
    i think i like this one even better than the red one, but that could just be because grey sweaters are my favorite 🙂
    either way, you’re amazing!!

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