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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 9th July

Wishful thinking…hoping to get some knitting done in the sunshine.

Tuesday, 10th July

Olympic coins given to Luke at Forest School.

Wednesday, 11th July

First pillow and duvet, with funky circus linen.

Thursday, 12th July

Just discovered a new cupboard…oh what great toys!

Friday, 13th July

Luke’s ever growing shoe collection.

Saturday, 14th July

Off on his trike.

Sunday, 15th July

More flowers on my tomato plants, should see some tomatoes soon!

Inspired by Just Shell.

3 thoughts on “Seven Little Moments

  1. Love your photos …. I am really looking forward to watching the olympic games, can’t wait. Must be exciting that it’s there in London and you are surrounded by it. There is nothing like home grown tomatoes, they smell awesome and taste even better. I’ve always maintained that you don’t need expensive toys for children, they are quite happy to get into your cupboard and play with whatever is in there. Mine love the Tupperware cupboard when they were little. Luke looks like he is having a ball in that cupboard.

  2. The Olympic Coin is a lovely idea. Wonder if my younger DS will get one. There are official Olympic flags up around the area now, and I don’t even think the torch is coming that close to my house.

    Are you knitting a rock cosy?

  3. oh anna, how do you stand it, having a son who’s so completely adorable?!?!?!
    i could just stare at him all day long. those big brown eyes and his sweet little cheeks… goodness he’s adorable!!

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