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FO: Matching Bonnet

We went to visit my friend who’s just had a little girl today, the one I knitted this cardigan/coat for. Her little girl is called Bonnie and she’s adorable. I didn’t take any pictures, but my friend has promised to send me pictures when she’s got the cardigan on and the bonnet. The bonnet is here:

I knitted the bonnet to match the cardigan and love the cables on it. I think it’s going to look really amazing on a little persons head. It’ll keep her head warm and look adorable at the same time.

I also added a picot border to the front to add that little bit extra. I also crochet the string to tie the bonnet, and I think I might go back to crocheting, rather than making an i-Cord in the future. It’s much easier.

And here’s the bonnet with the cardigan/coat. Looking forward to seeing it on little Bonnie when she grows into it.

2 thoughts on “FO: Matching Bonnet

  1. That’s a cute bonnet and is going to look gorgeous with that coat. Love the buttons on the coat, they are so pretty. I love round yokes on jumpers, etc, they look really nice.

  2. oh that bonnet is perfect!
    you’re so good!

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