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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 25th June

Something ate all my strawberry flowers, so that means no strawberries for us :-(.

Tuesday, 26th June

Poor Luke’s week went a little like this…loads of time spent on the sofa.


Wednesday, 27th June

Summer fruit, shame about the weather here in England.

Thursday, 28th June

Yes, it is indeed a red tomato, or at least getting red.

Friday, 29th June

Ready to get the dressing removed.

Saturday, 30th June

The boys together again.

Sunday, 1st July

Gorgeous sunflower.

Inspired by Just Shell.

1 thought on “Seven Little Moments

  1. Sunflowers are so pretty. Poor little man, looks like he has not been having a fun time. Hope that he will be alright soon. So annoying when you go to all that trouble to grow strawberries and the flowers get eaten. Maybe you can put some sort of netting over the top of them and that will stop any bugs feeding on them.

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