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Seven Little Moments (30 April – 1 May)

Monday, 30th April

Enjoying the sunshine in Germany before we go back to cold and wet England.

Tuesday, 1st May

At Duesseldorf Airport.

Wednesday, 2nd May

Dealing with the English weather.

Thursday, 3rd May

At Greenwich Park playground.

Friday, 4th May

At the Science Museum with Aiofe, where Luke got completely soaked.

Saturday, 5th May

Lazy parenting? A remote controlled car for a toddler, can you believe it.

Sunday, 6th May

Luke’s first proper shiner, poor thing fell against a door frame.

Inspired by Just Shell.

2 thoughts on “Seven Little Moments (30 April – 1 May)

  1. Luke is a well seasoned traveller, and looks like he loves it. Cute photos.

  2. another adorable week over there!!
    hope luke’s eye doesn’t bother him for too long, poor fella.

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