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FO: Birthday Cardigan for my Niece

Apologies for the silence, I’ve been busy, or rather I’ve been away. We went to visit my brother in Germany last week and Luke finally got to meet is cousins Clara and Yoan. It was great! My mum also came for a few days so it was a lovely family get together. Before we went I managed to finish knitting the cardigan I was making for Clara’s 3rd birthday on 28th April. And here it is.

I love this pattern, and I only encountered it by mistake. I was meant to be knitting something else and then found this one. As you’ve guessed it’s another Garnstudio pattern and it was a great one to knit as there were no seams.

I love the cables on this cardigan, I think they look fantastic and just make the cardigan that extra special.

And the buttons are from my last button buying spree. They are mother of pearl buttons with blue colour on it and little flowers, gorgeous, right? The cardigan fits my niece well (unfortunately I haven’t got a photo to show you), so you’ll have to take my word for it. In the meantime here are some more pictures of the cardigan.

6 thoughts on “FO: Birthday Cardigan for my Niece

  1. glad to hear you had a lovely visit to germany!

    love this purple sweater – the cables are stunning and the buttons are the perfect touch!

  2. Beautiful pattern! Are they more Textile Garden buttons? 😉

  3. Oh that is so pretty …. I absolutely love the buttons. What a lovely pattern, the cable is really really nice. The yoke is really pretty.

  4. That is so precious and I LOVE the buttons!

  5. Darling! I love the cable yoke. So cue.

  6. That is so pretty! I am sure your niece is going to love it! Those buttons are precious.

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