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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 9th April

Look at our new printer, scanner, copier…so exciting.

Tuesday, 10th April

Lunch with Myron before a trip to the theatre.

Wednesday, 11th April

A skip.

Thursday, 12th April

Helping Mama sort out the buttons.

Friday, 13th April

Naughty boy, climbing to the computer. We’ve now moved it.

Saturday, 14th April

A visit from friends and some time spent in the garden.

Sunday, 15th April

Gorgeous spring flowers.


Inspired by Just Shell.

4 thoughts on “Seven Little Moments

  1. Hi Anna

    Ha ha an IT man in the making!

  2. Kids are so quick to get into everything. Anything that looks a bit interesting, they’re right in there. He sure is off and running now isn’t he since he started walking.

  3. what a fun week!
    love the boys reading their books at their lunch date, absolutely adore the skipping photo and oh luke! get off the arm of the couch danger-boy!! 🙂

  4. Looks like you’ve had fun times! Such a cute pic of the boys having lunch! Ros

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