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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 16th April

Visiting Papa at work and trying out the Boris bikes.

Tuesday, 17th April

Luke’s new carpet. 

Wednesday, 18th April

Luke checking out the electoral booklet, don’t think he’s that keen on voting for a new mayor.

Thursday, 19th April

Happy 14 Month Luke!

Friday, 20th April

 Hail stones on our conservatory roof.

Saturday, 21st April

The 1 mile mark for the London Marathon, just up the street from us.

Sunday, 22nd April

Lunching in the garden.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 9th April

Look at our new printer, scanner, copier…so exciting.

Tuesday, 10th April

Lunch with Myron before a trip to the theatre.

Wednesday, 11th April

A skip.

Thursday, 12th April

Helping Mama sort out the buttons.

Friday, 13th April

Naughty boy, climbing to the computer. We’ve now moved it.

Saturday, 14th April

A visit from friends and some time spent in the garden.

Sunday, 15th April

Gorgeous spring flowers.


Inspired by Just Shell.

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New House: Main Bedroom

Here’s another look into our new house. This is the main bedroom…which I love! I think it’s the biggest room in the house and I know it’s the biggest bedroom I’ve ever had. It would actually fit our bed twice over I think.

I also like the dark red walls, it gives the room a very warm feeling. And I think our bed matches the walls nicely.

The other thing I love about this room are the built-in wardrobes…such an amazing storage solution. The fact that out of the four doors two of them have mirrors is also equally amazing.

And our shelves fit nicely on the one wall and I think it looks rather good too.

Only one issue with the shelves being there, Luke’s now getting into them all the time and emptying them. However, I seem to have solved that problem by just putting things on the shelves that he can reach that he can actually play with.

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FO: Birthday Vest

I was able to complete a birthday vest for one of Luke’s little friends: Kiran. And I managed to finish it just before his first birthday on 27th March.  I made the same vest I knitted for my nephew last year.

It’s a lovely pattern that is knitted in the round on 40cm circular needles. As I was knitting it it felt like it was really loose, and that even though I was making the two year size, exactly the same I did as last time. I’m not a big fan of knitting with circular needles that are any smaller than 60cm, it just doesn’t feel good on my hands when I’m actually knitting. And I often feel like I’m getting blisters on my little fingers…which is definitely not good.

I love the effect of the different stitch and I think the stockinette stitch makes the moss stitch look quite fancy. I changed it up a little bit and instead of knitting a rib on the arms I just knitted four rows of garter stitches, I do think it just looks a little better.

I was able to use some buttons from my stash, they are actually from my mom, and I think they finish off the little vest perfectly.

And here’s Kiran, just after waking up from a nap, in the vest. Doesn’t he look adorable?

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Seven Little Moments (2-8 April)

Monday, 2nd April

Tom and Luke…soooo cute.

Tuesday, 3rd April

On the way back home at Edinburgh Airport.

Wednesday, 4th March

The lunch table at Pizza Express after lunch with the kids.

Thursday, 5th March

Luke’s first Easter chocolate bunny.

Friday, 6th April

Walk in Greenwich Park with Papa.

Saturday, 7th April

What a cool youth centre, with mosaic benches.

Sunday, 8th April

I have also had time to do some knitting :-).


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Seven Little Moments (26 March to 1 April)

Monday, 26th March

Cheeky monkey  emptying the fridge.

Tuesday, 27th March

Blackheath Royal Standard in Spring.

Wednesday, 28th March

Check out the view and the gorgeous day.

Thursday, 29th March

Visit to Edinburgh, walk the seaside.

Friday, 30th March

Tom and Luke asleep…how adorable.

Saturday, 31st March

Outing in Edinburgh on another gorgeous day.

Sunday, 1st April

Visit to the horses with Papa.

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Seven Little Moments (19-25 March)

Monday, 19th March

Luke and the the Virgin Media engineer.

Tuesday, 20th March

On the way to the  playground, with gorgeous sunshine.

Wednesday, 21st March

Back at the playground in West Hampstead.

Thursday, 22nd March

Trying out the swing in the garden.

Thursday, 23rd March

Meeting Papa for an early dinner at the O2 Arena.

Saturday, 24th March

Sunny garden.

Sunday, 25th March

Look who’s walking.

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