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Seven Little Moments (12th-18th March)

Monday, 12th March

And he’s off.

Tuesday, 13th March

And he’s found the cuboard with the pasta and his snacks (good we moved soon after).

Wednesday, 14th March


Thursday, 15th March

Gorgeous cake at Mother’s Day event at Blue Daisy.

Friday, 16th March

Look there’s a toddler in my suitcase.

Saturday, 17th March

Moving day!


Sunday, 18th March

View from our conservatory.

Inspired by Just Shell.

2 thoughts on “Seven Little Moments (12th-18th March)

  1. Love the photo of Luke sitting in the suitcase. very cute. It must have been such an adventure to him.

  2. you still found time to take photos during moving week!?! you’re a superwoman!!
    love your conservatory – gorgeous!!

    and yes, luke in the suitcase is the cutest thing ever!!

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