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FO: Jumpsuit

I’ve been going through my pictures and came across a jumpsuit I knitted for an old colleague back in October 2010.

It was a DROPS design pattern that I had also knitted for Luke.  I blogged about it here and here.

It’s a great knit, although it does take a little longer, due to the length of the actual jumpsuit. But it’s a great finished object.

I did make one change to the top of the jumpsuit, if I remember rightly. Instead of casting off and adding the buttonholes later I just finished knitting them as part of the entire piece and then cast off.

2 thoughts on “FO: Jumpsuit

  1. That is very cute! 🙂 I like your stripey version better than the plain one, too.

  2. oh it’s completely adorable!! i too love the stripes!

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