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FO: Strawberry Hat

I know I showed you the strawberry hat in one of my WIP Wednesday posts. Well, I finished it last two weeks ago now and have already given it to my friend who had ordered it, but I just realised that I haven’t yet shared any pictures with you of the finished piece. So, here it goes:

The pattern can be found here. I actually love how it’s worked out. It’s the first time that I’ve even attempted Intarsia and it wasn’t even a huge amount if it, it was just a tiny bit for the leaf at the top of the hat/strawberry.

The colours are also really nice, so vibrant! I do really want to knit one for Luke, but don’t really think it would suit him too well…maybe I can do another type of fruit instead?

4 thoughts on “FO: Strawberry Hat

  1. Such a cute little hat, love it. Oh it’s gorgeous.

  2. Totally heart the hat! I’ve seen that pattern before, I remember it as it really caught my eye : )

  3. So incredibly cute – great job! I really to try that one myself!

  4. it turned out absolutely adorable!

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