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A Special Amigurumi Gift

My good friend George (we used to work together an age ago) sent Luke an amazing gift, she blogs over here, by the way.

It’s a gorgeous amigurumi bunny, and Luke loves playing with it. He’s now put it in his little walker and drives it around when he’s ‘walking’.

4 thoughts on “A Special Amigurumi Gift

  1. So cute! Every time I see amigurumi I get the urge to learn to crochet and it comes to nothing. 😛

  2. Oh that’s such a cute little bunny. Hmm, yes, I’d like to try it some time. I can crochet, but not such small, detailed work. Have agood week. Ros

  3. such a cute little bunny!

  4. […] Do you remember the amigurumi rabbit I crocheted at the end of last year? Well, he’s apparently very settled in his new home now. I sent him across London to blogger pal Anna for her son Luke and they are now firm friends! Check out her lovely post here. […]

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