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FO: Aviatrix

Another one of the aviatrix hats I knitted when we were in Australia. This was meant to be sold for charity, but wasn’t. So, I’ve still got it in my basket and will be gifting it to one lucky baby as soon as possible.

I have to say again how much I love this pattern, it’s available for free on Ravelry.  If you’re ever looking for a quick knit of a hat that stays on very well, I highly recommend this one.

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FO: A Waistcoat on the Way to Australia

I’ve told you about the waistcoat I’ve been knitting for Rowan, the grandson of the lovely Roberta over at Rowantree Design the last few weeks. See posts here and here. Well, I finally managed to finish it on Sunday and sewed on the buttons and I was able to post it off yesterday. Here it is in all its navy glory:

It’s the same pattern I used to knit Luke’s waistcoat and yes, it is indeed a DROPS pattern. It’s a great knit and is finished relatively quickly, even though I made the 2 year size. I also like it because it’s knitted in one, so that means that the only sewing that needs to be done is the shoulders, the pocket slits and the buttons.

I love the effect of the moss stitch and I do think that it gives the waistcoat quite an elegant finish.  I added some mother-of-pearl buttons and I think they also look very chic.

As I mentioned Roberta and I are doing a swap. I’ve knitted this waistcoat for her gorgeous grandson Rowan and she’s sending me a romper for Luke. Do check out her website she makes the most amazing clothes for little boys and girls. I’m so excited to receive the romper and can’t wait to show you all a picture of Luke wearing it.

And here is the waistcoat all wrapped up nicely and ready to be packed up to be posted.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 20th February

New buttons from TextileGarden, which I found out about on the lovely Kate’s blog.

Tuesday, 21st February

A visit to West Hampstead library with Libby.

Wednesday, 22nd February

Another visit to Classical Babies, and this time Luke wants to play too.

Thursday, 23rd February

Outing to the playground with Kiran.

Friday, 24th February

Good hands free standing action from my gorgeous boy.

Saturday, 25th February

Luke’s first ever birthday cake, banana and chocolate :-).

Sunday, 26th February

Out at the playground with Papa.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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FO: Longish Toddler Socks

My good friend Kelly’s little boy Myron needed some warm, woollen socks in January and I made him a lovely red pair.

I made sure that they were a little bit longer so that they don’t slip off as easily. They’re similar to the pair I made for Luke actually, just a different colour.

And don’t they just look brilliant on Myron?

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FO: Jumpsuit

I’ve been going through my pictures and came across a jumpsuit I knitted for an old colleague back in October 2010.

It was a DROPS design pattern that I had also knitted for Luke.  I blogged about it here and here.

It’s a great knit, although it does take a little longer, due to the length of the actual jumpsuit. But it’s a great finished object.

I did make one change to the top of the jumpsuit, if I remember rightly. Instead of casting off and adding the buttonholes later I just finished knitting them as part of the entire piece and then cast off.

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WIP Wednesday

I showed you last week the wool that arrived for the waistcoat I’m making for Roberta’s grandson Rowan. Well, I’ve been able to knit about 50% of it. Excuse the poor picture, but here it is:

I’m hoping to have this finished by the weekend so that I can post it off to Australia early next week.

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FO: Charity Socks

Here’s a pair of newborn to 3 months socks that I knitted for charity while we were in Australia in November. They were knitted for a friend in Belfast who was organising a market to raise money for a little girl with cystic fibrosis.

I used some blue yarn that I had leftover in my stash and just my pattern to finish these.

They look tiny and that’s because they were actually tiny. I’m not sure whether they were actually sold, but I do hope that they found a good home. Here just a quick look at the little label I made for them.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 13th February

There can never be enough pictures of a sleeping baby…

Tuesday, 14th February

Some more wool has arrived for some orders and some secret birthday knitting.

Wednesday, 15th February

Our moving boxes have arrived!

Thursday, 16th February

At the playground.

Friday, 17th February

One of my birthday presents from my husband…a drinks holder for the Stokke…simply brilliant!

Saturday, 18th February

Our new house, don’t you just love that red front door? We move 17th March, I can’t wait!


Sunday, 19th February

Happy birthday to my gorgeous boy!

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