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FO: Avatrix (with a gorgeous Girl)

Here’s another Aviatrix I knitted up while I was in Australia.

I want to say again how I really LOVE this pattern, it’s such a great write up, and it can be found here.

And look at this gorgeous little girl wearing her new hat:

You might remember this is gorgeous Sofia, who received one of the green hoodies I knitted…but doesn’t she look gorgeous.

5 thoughts on “FO: Avatrix (with a gorgeous Girl)

  1. She is beautiful! Love the hat. 😀

  2. okay that settles it, i’m making one of these hats asap!

  3. Such a little sweetie. Lovely hat too! Have a great week. Ros

  4. oh that smile! she really is gorgeous, especially in that adorable hat!

  5. So pretty, colour suits her too!

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